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EWC Systems offers a diverse portfolio of Management Consulting services and Strategic Technology solutions. We address the critical challenges of today’s federal and commercial business community with innovation and initiative. We design, develop and maintain enterprise solutions, using a world-class methodology, for business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications. These applications are built to leverage emerging and classic communication channels. We offer services that range from defining business needs to building solutions using best-of-breed tools and technologies to maintaining applications.

Over the years, EWC Systems has organically developed several Areas of Practice through which we provide services with a differential advantage.


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Accounting and Financial Systems

 Area of practice


We combine knowledge of financial and accounting systems with an understanding of best practices to help accounting and finance departments to become more efficient.  Corporate finance organizations are facing unparalleled pressure to implement technology and improve operations.  To be competitive, the goal of leading finance organizations is to achieve a return on financial systems investments, integrate and standardize applications and processes, and manage project risks, while improving performance and lowering costs. However, the challenges of having to do more with less, the issues of implementing complex financial systems and integrating functions, change management and regulatory requirements, along with the need for experienced staff, create challenges that make transformation difficult.

EWC Systems’ Accounting and Financial System Support Services offers a “one-stop-shop” of end-to-end project and systems implementation support. Supported by EWC Systems’ project management methodologies, financial systems implementation experienced staff, and core services, our transformation solutions leverage our industry experience to accelerate a return on investment through faster, more accurate delivery of solutions. Our approach improves the system’s performance, combining applicable best practices and significantly improving the efficiency and accuracy of the department.

Enterprise Configuration Management

Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM) is an engineering management discipline that focuses on establishing and maintaining consistency of a system’s or product’s functional and physical attributes, including its requirements, design, and operational information throughout the system’s and/or product’s lifecycle.

EWC Systems’ ECM solutions improve the efficiency and quality of our client’s solutions delivery. Throughout the project/product’s lifecycle, we ensure the integrity and control of all approved changes through the use of standardized, best practice configuration management framework processes, procedures, and tools. We accelerate organizational maturity at all levels with proven techniques that are guaranteed to improve our clients’ solutions, minimize risks, and improve quality and control of the clients’ IT assets with our ECM services.

Our approach and services covers:

E-Learning Design and Delivery

EWC Systems specializes in E-Learning Design and Delivery and our E-Learning solutions deliver a faster, more consistent understanding of subject materials than other methods of learning and training. We offer these services through our customizable Learning Management System (LMS) solution – EWC Learn – which offers a low-risk and cost-effective solution to our clients. The ultimate result of our training development process is that an individual can apply what he or she has learned throughout our interactive modules. When developing these modules, our E-Learning development staff focuses on what the audience is going to experience and how we can make that experience enjoyable and engaging as well as memorable for learning. E-Learning solutions from EWC Systems help companies train their employees to work smarter and more efficiently than ever before. A few reasons why include:

With advanced technology, business acumen, and expert understanding of learning management systems, EWC Systems is uniquely positioned to help our customers achieve their learning objectives. Further, we have built solid partnerships that allow us to apply a full spectrum of automated tools to consistently respond to our customers’ dynamic organizational education requirements:

Cloud Hosting and Computing

For years, EWC Systems has been keeping critical websites and applications up and running, enabling our customers to deliver the best results and grow their businesses. We combine the efficiency and flexibility of cloud computing with our decades of experience in managed hosting to identify and design the right cloud for you. Unlike other providers, we believe that not every cloud solution is right for every customer — we get to know your business so that we can match our cloud service offering to your needs.

Our customers demand applications and websites that “just work,” underpinned by superb customer support service in case an issue arises. Our clients also want reliable hosting options that allow them to quickly respond to their organizations’ business needs. EWC Systems’ engineers understand what it takes to deliver a Cloud that’s secure, reliable, fast, and flexible. With EWC  Systems’ Cloud offerings, our clients can choose from the widest range of production-ready solutions that can be run in the Cloud, including Windows, Linux, and IBM Clouds running VMware, Hyper-V, HIPAA Clouds, and more. These can be delivered in a variety of different Cloud models including Public Cloud Hosting, Private Cloud Hosting, and Hybrid Cloud Hosting. EWC Systems also supports HIPAA Compliant Clouds, Software as a Service (SaaS) Clouds, and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Clouds. Regardless of the type of Cloud you’re looking for, it will be supported by our 24/7 World-Class Data Centers all backed by outstanding engineers and our industry leading Service Level Agreement.

Records and Document Management

At EWC Systems, we understand that despite budget cuts, declining document volumes, and shrinking revenue, you must still keep up with changes in legislation, protect private information, and satisfy a demanding citizenry. Our public sector knowledge and experience allows us to leverage the latest proven technologies to respond to the day-to-day needs of recording offices. We provide our clients with the most effective government records management and document management software solutions available for indexing, cashiering, public access, and reporting. EWC Systems understands it’s not just the features that make a good recording system — it’s how those features are implemented.

EWC Systems has deep experience implementing document management systems from capture to creating a centralized storage infrastructure for instant access to archived data that may need to be reviewed, approved, or subjected to regulatory scrutiny. EWC Systems’ particular expertise with process optimization and integration creates truly differentiated document management solutions that translate into faster processing times and increased business efficiencies.  As a partner with technology vendors such as EMC and Microsoft, we can help you build an integrated environment that goes beyond just product implementation to enable your business.

Service Lifecycle Management

With service revenues growing, the goal should be to ensure that customers achieve maximum value over a product or service’s entire lifecycle. You need a consolidated view of service that connects service planning, delivery, and analysis. EWC Systems’ approach to Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) optimizes the constellation of people, processes, and technology to enable greater service performance and process improvement through automated workflow management. EWC Systems’ SLM support provides service leaders with a full lifecycle approach to improved customer service and product performance that optimizes the total value of the customer experience. Our SLM solution is developed based on our experience with different CRM solutions and provides a holistic approach to service management, touching on every aspect of customer service.

EWC Systems is experienced with implementation of Microsoft Dynamics solution for our clients as management component of SLM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a highly flexible customer relationship management (CRM) platform that can adapt, grow, and scale with your business. EWC Systems offers strategically configured CRM solutions that are tailored to specific industry processes and our CRM transformation solutions can help you enhance revenue, improve customer experience, and reduce costs. EWC Systems’ unique approach to SLM provides our clients with a strategic view for continuous product and service improvement with key technology differentiators:

Help Desk/ End User/ Call Center Support Services

EWC Systems offer our clients with a help desk solution that can serve both Enterprise businesses and Small-Med Businesses.  We provide Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 technical support to your computer users or other IT staff and also assist you in keeping up with the high demand of your users to allow your IT staff to focus on their core responsibilities.

Unlike many of today’s top-ranked help desk outsource vendors, who use a one-size-fits-all approach, we cater our help desk for each customer based on your help desk outsourcing needs. Our help desk outsourcing services are divided into 3 different tiers based on complexity.  As mentioned above we provide support for all Tiers of Support.

Tier 1 Support – Tier 1 provides basic Software Application and/or Hardware support to callers/users.  These are usually quick calls that field the “How to?” questions or to fix a documented company/agency issue. Tier 2 Support –Tier 2 provides more complex support and/or subject matter expertise on software application and/or hardware and is usually an escalation of the call from Tier 1.  In most cases Tier 1 and Tier 2 support can be handled by the same support technician based on their experience levels.  Tier 3 Support – Tier 3 provides support on complex hardware and network operating system software.  Tier 3 support can take much longer support times depending on type of issue.

We also provide our clients with Application Support, Hardware Diagnosis, Network Support, Front line call greeting and call routing, Ticket tracking and monitoring, and Remote Control assistance.

EWC Systems uses predictable, repeatable processes to deliver consistency that guarantees quality service to your callers/ Users. Our help desk service technicians/agents will always strive to resolve your issue from the ticket open to close no matter if we can actually fix the issue or we have to escalate to someone else.  EWC Systems takes complete responsibility of your calls to solve the issue faster with higher customer satisfaction.

Systems Security and Information Assurance

For any system complexity or threat level, the federal government and our other customers seek our expertise to deliver proven, powerful security engineering solutions. They remain secure in the knowledge that their data is not pilfered, corrupted, disrupted or destroyed. They know that through our information assurance, vulnerability assessments, monitoring, and traffic flow analysis for information operations, EWC Systems’ integrated security solutions protect mission-critical systems against a full spectrum of threats.

Our team of security experts develops and employs some of the most advanced IT security techniques, processes, and methodologies to protect client data, providing comprehensive security solutions that constantly monitor and protect against breach, fraud, and theft. We engineer protection for our customers’ critical information systems and infrastructures against the most devious and complicated threats including:

Accessibility and Usability Engineering

Over last five years, EWC Systems has developed a matured set of processes to ensure that the systems we develop and implement are accessible and usable. These processes are bundled into our proprietary “Baked-In” accessibility and usability approach that we successfully leverage to ensure product accessibility for our Government and commercial clients.
To do so, we rely on our in-house subject matter experts with extensive experience and expertise on the accessibility, usability, and specifically the requirements of Section 508 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Several of our staff members are active members of the professional usability groups and have provided continuous innovation in the following sub-areas:

Business Process Reengineering and Intelligence

EWC Systems’ Business Process Reengineering (BPR) approach implements baseline reconsideration and process blueprinting to realize significant gains in efficiency and performance and achieve coherent business processes that help our clients achieve their organization’s strategic goals. Our services are based on a proven methodology that provides a framework to design and deliver solutions to help our government customers advance their organization’s process effectiveness and correctness while reducing implementation latency.

EWC Systems’ Business Analytics affords our customers holistic insight, enabling faster decision-making and enhanced monitoring of business performance. Our business analytics is complemented by solutions around data warehousing, business intelligence and performance management, helping our clients achieve complete business optimization. We offer end-to-end solutions in business analytics, acted upon through workflows and measured through performance indicators.

Infrastructure and Facilities Management

EWC Systems is a recognized leader in providing Facility Management Services to Federal customers through our comprehensive delivery system that enables them to plan and optimally manage change within their facilities. To support our customers’ focus on their organizations’ core competencies, we design and customize our processes and systems for each service: